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We are constantly looking for new artists, and labels to work with. During the years Mass Mercury has worked with major labels, artists and producers. These recordings have reached Billboard Charts, Finnish Dance, Single and Album Charts, and received positive reviews on medias such as Entertainment Weekly, BBC Music, and The Guardian

Chris Sanders is an established songwriter who worked for years as the main hype MC for Billboard Hot 100 #1 artist, Darude. He has performed live together with Bomfunk MC's, Robin, Movetron, and many others. He has also worked in a studio with producers such as JS16 (Bomfunk MC's, Darude), Marko Kumpula (Waldo, Darude), Kristian Maukonen (Antti Tuisku, Gimmel, Taikapeili), Timo Kaukolampi (Op:l Bastards, K-X-P), and Ressu Redford (Sound of R.E.L.S., Evelina, Robin) just to name a few.    

As a songwriter, Chris' touch can be heard for example on tracks by such Finnish artists as K-System, Janina Frostell, I'Dees, Movetron, Mighty44, and Kendi.

Sean Sanders is a trained musician, and producer with a classical background. He played a crucial part while composing and co-producing Mass Mercury's first single release 'Southern Shores' (2019). 

Mass Mercury is constantly looking for new partners to work with. The form of collaboration depends on the needs of the artist or the label: Maybe you need soulful lyrics written in fluent English, or maybe you are looking for some fresh, innovative beats.

We can also help promising, young artists to take the next step on their way to success:

We can help you to release your / our co-written songs internationally with extensive marketing efforts, PR and international radio promotion. 

Get in touch today and let's see what we could achieve together! 

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